Tim Wolfendale Bespoke Jeweller and Designer Bookbinder
Diamond Ring, gold bracelet,silver brooch, gold charm silver earrings,gold wedding ring,pearl necklace, gold earrings
silver butterfly brooch

With over 20 years’ of experience, my individual, tailor-made service can design and create a bespoke commission such as wedding and engagement rings, priced to meet your exact requirements.

Please click here to commission work for rings, earrings, brooches bracelets, bangles, diamond rings, cufflinks, cutlery, christening gifts such as spoons and eggcups. A designer bookbinding service is also available which can be assigned to any book such as a Wedding or Christening Photo Album.

For a no obligation consultation, please contact us by email at tim@wolfendalejewellery.co.uk or telephone 01223 839576.

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